Toddlers & 2s

Todders_2s Graphic - SquareWhich Calvary’s Kids are in the Toddler Room?

The general Guideline for the Toddler Room is Kids who are 18 Months Old through Two Years Old.

Your parent gets to decide when (s)he feels you are ready for the Toddler Room.

In addition, your parent will decide when (s)he feels you are ready to graduate to Calvary’s Kids’ Preschool Room.

Where is the Toddler Room?

The Toddler Room is located on the church’s Main Level near the bathrooms.

What Will I Be Learning?

During Sunday School (each Sunday at 9:30 am), you will have a full curriculum. (Curriculum is the teaching material that your teachers use to help you learn about God.) The curriculum is called The Gospel Project for Kids. Did you know that every story in the Bible is a small piece of a much bigger story? Each one is a piece of the Big Story of God’s Love to the World when He gave His Son, Jesus Christ, to be the Savior of the world.

During the hour, there will be a story, a song, learning activities and directed play time.

For Children’s Church (during the Sunday Morning Worship Service at 10:50 am), your teachers will use a simplified curriculum, and you’ll have more free play time.

During Sunday Evening Services (when scheduled) and all Wednesday evenings, all children up to Kindergarten age are welcomed in the Nursery or Toddler Room.