The Gospel Project for Kids

What will I be learning in Sunday School?

Did you know that every story in the Bible is a small piece of a much bigger story? Each one is a piece of the Big Story of God’s Love to the World when He gave His Son, Jesus Christ, to be the Savior of the world.

From October 29, 2017, to the end of the year, you will be learning about birth of Jesus Christ, His childhood, His baptism, and His temptation in the Wilderness

All of the Old Testament has been pointing to the coming of Jesus to earth. He came because we needed Him. Only Jesus could provide salvation and the forgiveness of sin. Celebrating the birth of Jesus is about rejoicing over the greatest gift we could ever receive. God’s own Son came to earth to be our Savior and our King.

Your teachers will be using the curriculum, The Gospel Project for Kids, to help them teach you about God’s Big Story.