Preschool Graphic - Square

Which Calvary’s Kids are in the Preschool Room?

Generally, you are in the Preschool room if you are Three Years, Four Years or Fives Old and have not yet begun Kindergarten.

However, if you are Two Years Old and your parent feels you are ready to “graduate” from the Toddler Room, you can join the Kids in the Preschool.

Where can I Find the Preschool Room?

The Preschool Room is the large Purple Room in the Lower Level of the church (near the Check-In area). Remember to be careful when using the South stairs to get to the Lower Level! (Click on this link for a Map to the church’s Lower Level.)

When do I have My Class?

There are two classes for you each Sunday Morning.

Sunday School is the first class and starts at 9:30 am. After you Check-In, head to the Purple Room for a fun hour of learning Bible stories, songs, and activities. Your teachers will be using The Gospel Project for Kids curriculum. (Curriculum is the teaching material that your teachers use to help you learn about God.) Did you know that every story in the Bible is a small piece of a much bigger story? Each one is a piece of the Big Story of God’s Love to the World when He gave His Son, Jesus Christ, to be the Savior of the world.

childrens-church-dismissal-3-5yrsChildren’s Church is the second class. It happens during the Sunday Morning Worship Service (starts at 10:50 am). At the beginning of the Service, you will sit with your family in the Worship Center. During the music and singing, watch the screen for the PURPLE slide to tell you that it’s time for you to be dismissed to Children’s Church. Your parent will walk with you to meet your teachers in the Lobby (outside the Worship Center).

When you are all ready, you will go down the stairs to the Lower Level and into the large Purple Room. Don’t forget to be careful on the stairs!

What About on Wednesday Evenings?

During Sunday Evening Services (when scheduled) and all Wednesday evenings, all children up to Kindergarten age are welcomed in the Nursery or Toddler Room.