Joyful Noise, Inc.

What Type of Business is Joyful Noise, Inc.?

Joyful Noise, Inc. is Calvary Baptist Church’s children choir for all Kids in First through Fifth grades. It’s not just a choir. Your directors describe it as “an hour of fun that includes games, stories, music, snacks, and drama!”

Joyful Noise, Inc. is in business to accomplish lots of things! Check out this list of goals of the business:

  • Learn basic music skills
  • Develop good character qualities
  • Memorize verses and learn Scriptural truths
  • Provide an opportunity to serve the Lord by singing in church services
  • Experience a taste of drama by being involved in a dramatic musical
  • An hour of fun that your parents didn’t have to plan!

When does Joyful Noise, Inc. Open for Business?

Joyful Noise, Inc. opens for business on Wednesday, September 13, 2017, at 6:45 pm. (Registration begins at 6:36 pm.)

Joyful Noise, Inc. meets every Wednesday during the school year in the large White Room in the center section of the church’s Lower Level (near the Bathrooms). (Click on this link for a Map to the Church’s Lower Level.)

I Heard That There is a Joyful Noise, Inc. Resource Webpage. Is that True?

Yes, it is true! The Joyful Noise, Inc. Resource Library is where you can find ALL the important notes to you and your parents from the Directors. In addition, words to the songs that you are learning can be found in this Library.

What Else Do I Need to Know?

The choir is led in 2017-2018 by your Directors Judy Cary, Mary McAlvey, Christine Watson, and Denise Burdette.

As a part of Joyful Noise, Inc., you will be able to serve God by singing several times during the Sunday Morning Worship Services. And, then at the conclusion of the school year, you and your fellow choir members will present a dramatic children’s musical!